Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Sheriff's Latest "Investigation"

"The time is always right to do what is right." - Martin Luther King, Jr.

Well, Mayor Dennis Hannon was quiet for a few days but apparently could not bear being out of the media for more than a week.  Yesterday's Press & Sun Bulletin again carried a story featuring our hero, Dennis Hannon, uncovering wrongdoing in the Village of Johnson City.  In this episode, he is leading an investigation into equipment tampering within the fire department.  The article is not clear exactly what was tampered with our how but it may have had something to do with breathing equipment.

Fire Starter's intial observation regarding this story is...where is the story.  The Press & Sun Bulletin seems to have successfully filled several columns in it's pamphlet thin publication but it is nearly impossible to discern what the "news" is.  There was some kind of incident involving some unnamed firefighters investigated by unnamed police officers who found nothing.  This is like a Seinfeld episode..."an investigation about nothing".

Fire Starter is always struck by the leaking of these "ongoing investigations".  It has always been our understanding that "ongoing investigations" are held "close to the vest" so as not to damage any potential leads.  That is unless it is not about investigating but rather exposure for the already grossly overexposed Mayor of  Johnson City.

Fire Starter has noticed that this has given our pious pontificator Hannon the opportunity to express his grave concerns and the overpaid and under worked Joint Fire Administrator an opportunity to clarify that "tampering with life saving equipment is bad".  Fire Starter is glad we were able to get Hrustich on the record on that point.  Apparently neither Hrustich nor Hannon have any concerns about the life threatening situation they have placed Village Fire Fighters in through under staffing.

Finally, if the Union lawyer is right, this has been the most pathetic and disingenuous investigation yet.  If fire fighters lives have been placed in danger, why have only three victims been interviewed?  Why not interview all of the firefighters, civilian employees, the politicians and anyone else with access to the fire department?  It's as if there was a bank robbery and only the teller who took the "hold up note" was interviewed.

Fire Starter is not blaming the police department for any shortcomings in this "investigation".  This is clearly coming from the top.  And Hannon is only interested in headlines, not answers.  It is time for Hannon to stop his petty attacks and headline grabs and "do what is right".  Unfortunately, this does not seem to be within him.

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