Monday, April 11, 2011

The Report

The Fire Starter had a glimmer of hope that the report regarding King John the Impotent was not nearly as bad as described.  Unfortunately, the police report speaks for itself.  He did accost the young man and follow him home like some latter day Inspector Clouseau.  He identified himself as the mayor several times in an attempt to use his position to intimidate citizens.  He claimed to "own all of this".  He did attempt to use his position as mayor to settle his petty score.  When that failed, he called "his" police department to settle the score for him.

Fortunately, the police understood that the incident was caused by an overheated adolescent using poor judgement and then having a tantrum.  And there also was a teenager and his parents involved.

The money quote from the police report is the last line: "ALL PARTIES MADE AWARE IT IS NOT THE CASE THAT ELECTED OFFICIALS MAY DO WHATEVER THEY WISH". 

Would that King John the Vainglorious could take these words to heart.

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