Wednesday, September 7, 2011

John Sullivan: Hypocrite

A hypocrite is the kind of politician who would cut down a redwood tree, then mount the stump and make a speech for conservation. -Adlai E. Stevenson

Fire Starter has reported regarding the disgraceful record of dissolutionist John Sullivan.  At every turn, Mr. Sullivan has taken from the village and fed at the public trough while criticizing the brave men and women in the police and fire departments.  Whether it is his publicly financed health insurance through his wife or his tax breaks on his home, Mr. Sullivan has repeatedly shown that it is all about him and his selfish interests.

One such example of Sullivan's hypocrisy was found in his opposition to a development plan in his neighborhood.  Several years ago, Mr. Sullivan invested in a development above the Oakdale Mall.  Unfortunately for him and his fellow investors, they had difficulty on the financial end of the deal so the project never went forward.  Mr. Sullivan blamed  "red tape" within the Village and Town governments for this failure and immediately got on the dissolution bandwagon.  Sullivan went so far as to even suggest secession of his portion of Johnson City.  In other words, the entire Village needed to be turned upside down because he was unable to get his way.

Now flash forward two years.  The Dellapenna family was attempting to develop the same area above the Oakdale Mall.  Unlike the Sullivan project, the Dellapenna family had their ducks in a row and were prepared to move forward.  Did John Sullivan applaud this economic development?  Did he praise the expansion of the tax base?  Did he cheer the Dellapenna family's initiative and commitment to the Village?  Think again.

Mr. Sullivan has attempted to place every possible road block in the way of this project.  A project that was fine for him to develop is now something to be rejected.  And Sullivan has enlisted the assistance of his good friend Dennis Hannon to block the project.

Fire Starter received a copy of an email sent by Sullivan to Hannon.  In the email, Sullivan advises Hannon that he and his neighbors plan to invoke the Patriot Act to attempt to thwart development in the Village.  Although he alleges no wrongdoing by the Dellapenna family, he attempts to use this law to harass them into abandoning the project.  A copy of the original email is scanned below.  (For the best view, click on the image and a magnifying glass will appear and allow the content to be re-sized and more easily read.)

Now Sullivan wants to be a trustee.  But it is clear that he does not seek to protect the interests of Village residents but only his own selfish pursuits.  On the one hand, he seeks to develop a property but when he is unable to, no one should.  He complains of taxes but seeks to block projects that would add tax dollars to the coffers.  He complains of public employee pay and benefits while reaping the benefits through his wife.

A picture of Mr. Sullivan begins to reveal itself.  And it is of a bitter and selfish man.  He should get everything and to hell with everyone else.  Is this the sort of individual who should be elected to the Village board?

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