Thursday, August 5, 2010

He Protests Too Much

"Mad kings and mad bulls are not to be held by treaties and packthread" - Benjamin Franklin

Hannon's arrogance seems to have no limits. Even with a room full of witnesses at a Village Board meeting, he couldn't help but flex his "muscles" and assure everyone present that he is the "king of the castle".

At a Board Meeting held 7/20/2010, Marty Maney, a village fire fighter, union president, and village taxpayer asked questions regarding the police department "internal investigation". Maney pointed out that some of the money in the evidence room was from Hannon's "watch" as police chief. In fact, as Fire Starter has previously pointed out, the ONLY money which cannot be connected to specific cases is the money accumulated while Hannon was police chief. Rather than acknowledging these somewhat embarrassing facts, Hannon made veiled threats against Maney. The actual audio is instructive:

After hearing Hannon's response to Maney, several thoughts occurred to us.  First, why is Hannon referring to himself in the third person?  Has he really achieved that sort of fame or notoriety?  Second, did anyone else  at the meeting receive this sort of treatment or only those who Hannon believes he can bully? Third, who speaks of themselves as being another human being's "superior" in this sort of a setting? And lastly, doesn't Hannon's reaction suggest that Maney struck a nerve, even if inadvertently?

And it sort of reminds us of this king of the castle:

Hannon's clownish behavior may be suitable for prime time sitcoms but has no place in village government.  HANNON MUST GO!

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