Monday, August 30, 2010

Lies the "Coin of the Realm" in JC

"A Single lie destroys a whole reputation for truth" - Baltasar Gracian

Fire Starter has previously outlined in detail that contrary to the Press' misrepresentations and the misinformation spread by pro dissolution residents, the Johnson City Fire Fighters are not the highest paid fire fighters in New York State.  They are not even the highest paid fire fighters in Broome County.

Trustee Silas waged a vicious smear campaign against the Village firefighters alleging that they make more than New York City firefighters.  One can only assume that her lies were calculated to demonize the fire fighters and boost her own political agenda.

The Press & Sun Bulletin has yet again made available wage information regarding municipal employees.  However, this time, the analysis was done by a reporter from the Albany Bureau who apparently had no "dog in the fight". 

The Press' analysis reveals that the Johnson City Firefighters are not the highest paid fire fighters in Broome County.  In fact, on average, they are the lowest paid fire fighters.  The Press & Sun Bulletin reported that Binghamton, Endicott and Johnson City salaries are all relatively close.  But the average salary of Johnson City fire fighters is $64,350 whereas Endicott and Binghamton are $67,067 and $65,570 respectively.  Fire Starter had reported similar findings here in April.

However, what is most disturbing in this whole affair is the blatant dishonesty of the Village Mayor and Board members when it came to this issue.  Again and again, Hannon, Silas and their ilk have perpetuated a lie for crass political purposes.  We have pointed out the severe lack in leadership and character in the Village of Johnson City government.  This latest episode does nothing to change our view.

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