Monday, September 6, 2010

Sullivan's Blarney

"Negativity is an addiction to the bleak shadow that lingers around every human form" - John O'Donohue

It was with great interest that the Fire Starter read the "Guest View Point" of one of Johnson City's leading dissolutionist, John Sullivan. Although Mr. Sullivan and his ilk tried to scare voters into dissolving the village, the voters ultimately saw through their lies. Now, it appears that Mr. Sullivan is gearing up for a new misinformation campaign aimed, yet again, at dissolving the Village.

One need only glance through the piece by Mr. Sullivan to see the numerous half truths and outright misrepresentations served up as gospel:

Village taxpayers would have saved 4.5 million dollars through dissolution.  Well, they certainly would have stopped paying such taxes to the village but would then have seen an increase in the town taxes. And they would no longer have the services offered by the Village in the form of professional fire protection and local police protection.

Village residence remain safe despite cuts in police staffing. First, the importance of police and fire protection are most appreciated when needed. We are thankful that Mr. Sullivan has not had an emergency needing the assistance of police and fire personnel. But this does not mean that others have not had to wait for assistance while other emergencies were attended to. It also does not mean that the police officers and fire fighters were not placed at greater risk due to staffing cuts.

"Unbelievably, though manpower was reduced, Johnson City taxes increased". This, Mr. Sullivan, you have your buddies Hannon, Silas, and Balles to thank. They claimed to make cuts while hiring over paid part time cronies through the back door and padding the wallets of Village attorneys. Apparently you would prefer this sort of waste to Village services?

Finally, Mr. Sullivan points the accusing finger at Bruce King and Greg Deemie; village board candidates. Bruce King was a village Board member who advocated making cost saving deals with the police and fire rather than pursuing foolhardy litigation strategies. Time has borne out that Bruce was right on most of the fiscal issues facing the Village. And the "take no prisoners" approach of Hannon has done nothing but create rancor and runaway cost.

And Greg Deemie, other than attending and speaking at Board meetings, what has he done? He has been active in promoting Johnson City to businesses and residents. He has taken on beautification efforts. And he has consistently been a force for positive change and economic development in Johnson City.

What has Mr. Sullivan done? Nothing other than to cast aspersions at those he disagrees with and promote a negative environment in Johnson City. He was on the losing end of the dissolution referendum and can not seem to let it go. In the end, it is Mr. Sullivan's negativity that will be the end of the Villlage.

One final question: Mr. Sullivan, if you do not want to pay for the services the village provides, why not move to a place where there are no services?

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