Thursday, September 30, 2010

Peevish Arrogance

"The arrogance of officialdom should be tempered and controlled" -Taylor Caldwell

The Fire Starter has long been a fan of Greg and Julie Deemie.  Their love of the Village of Johnson City can not be questioned.  Their tireless work through the JC Partners group can not be praised enough.  They are examples of involved and dedicated citizens.  Whether it was the beautification efforts or the carousel day, it is never about them but about their community.

It is for this reason that the Fire Starter was so shocked by Trustee Monica Silas' peevish arrogance at a Village Board meeting held September 21st.  During the privilege of the floor portion of that meeting, Julie asked all of the trustees what efforts they have made at economic development.  Each trustee took their turn and attempted to offer evidence of their commitment to economic development...That is except for Trustee Monica Silas.

Fire Starter and no doubt other Village residents would have been interested in Monica's response.  This is particularly true since she is seeking re-election to the Village Board.  However, she either had nothing to say or felt it beneath her to answer a taxpayer's question on this important issue.  She "put it back in Julie's lap".  Listen for yourself:

The arrogance of this response is stunning.  Taxpayers are entitled to answers about the operation of government.  Taxpayers are entitled to know how their money is being spent and whether new sources of revenue and revitalization are being pursued by elected officials.  After all, the citizens are the elected officials "SUPERIOR".  Apparently Trustee Silas has forgotten this.  Her dismissive response is a sign of a peevish arrogance that is all too common among elected officials.

Fortunately, we will have an opportunity to remind Monica who is the "Superior" and who is the "subordinate".  We can send a message on November 2nd that our elected officials hold that office at our pleasure.  We hope Monica receives this message loud and clear.

(hat tip to Bruce King who's website,  letstalkjc  brought this to our attention.)

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