Friday, October 1, 2010

Birds of a Feather

“We hang the petty thieves and appoint the great ones to public office.” - Aesop

Monica Silas, Johnson City Village Board member and candidate for re-election has spoken self righteously about honesty and integrity.  She has repeatedly chastised those who do not rise to her "high standards" of conduct and integrity.  In what has become an all too familiar scenario in politics, those who crow the loudest about their own virtue and chastise others are often shown to be hypocrites. (See Governor Eliot Spitzer, Senator Larry Craig, and others).

Monica Silas has been campaigning with Shawn O'Buckley for the Johnson City Village Board.  They passed joint Democratic petitions for the office.  Monica has repeatedly hailed the fact that although Mr. O'Buckley is a recent transplant to the Village, his experience as an attorney in Colorado makes him an ideal candidate for Village Board.

Fire Starter has just learned that Shawn C. O'Buckley was suspended from the practice of law by the Supreme Court of Colorado on September 16, 2010.  In the reported decision of the court, Mr. O'Buckley admitted that he:
"...recklessly failed to diligently represent or adequately communicate with a number of clients. He also recklessly charged unreasonable fees, failed to communicate the basis his fee, and failed to safeguard client funds."
As much as it pains the Fire Starter to admit it, it appears that he would fit right in with the current village leaders.  They both fail to represent residents diligently and are reckless in the use of other peoples money.  Further, the Village already has a lot of experience with unreasonable attorney's fees.  This sounds like a perfect fit.

That is...unless the people of the Village of Johnson City stand up and say ENOUGH!  As far as we can see, the only Village Board Candidate with exemplary character and dedication to the Village is Greg Deemie.  Balles and Silas are self righteous, soulless sycophants.  And it appears that O'Buckley is just another unethical shyster.

Village residents have a difficult task ahead as they need to choose two candiates from a field where only one deserves election.  Although you may choose two candidates on November 2nd, we suggest that you only vote for one.  Send a message to Balles, Silas and their new soul mate, O'Buckley.  There is a new sheriff in Johnson City.  And it's the voter! 

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  1. The people of J.C. are obviously as unconcerned or naive as the people of the U.S.A. when it came to voting in their "leaders". It's easier to complain over a beer or at the market than it is to get out and DO something about the problem.