Monday, October 11, 2010


"He who permits himself to tell a lie once, finds it much easier to do it a second and third time, till at length it becomes habitual." - Thomas Jefferson

Fire Starter knows that this is no real news flash.  Trustee Monica Silas has repeatedly shown herself to be a characterless liar who will do anything to promote Mayor Dennis Hannon's destructive agenda.  We just have new evidence of her deceitfulness.

Silas recently posted on her Facebook page that her opponent, Greg Deemie, testified against the Village of Johnson City at a recent hearing pertaining to the suspension of Captain Marty Maney.  See for yourself.

First, Fire Starter has confirmed that NO ONE testified in Albany.  The Village surrendered in the face of certain defeat.  Fire Starter has learned that Monica Silas was in Albany for the hearing and clearly knows that NO ONE TESTIFIED.  This makes her Facebook statement nothing short of a lie.  Not spin.  Not an exageration.  A LIE.

Second, Fire Starter has reliably confirmed that Greg Deemie had been present in Albany under subpoena by both the Village and the Village Fire Fighters.  We can only guess as to the reason for his appearance, but it may have been because he and his wife Julie are regular attendees at Village Board meetings.  

Third, had Deemie testified under oath, he would neither be testifying for or against anyone.  He would be telling the truth; something that Silas does have even a passing familiarity with.

And finally, Silas seems to make this out as the Village versus the Fire Department.  Last time we checked, the Fire Department is part of the Village government.

Silas seems to believe she deserves another term as Village Trustee.  She certainly fits in with Hannon and Balles and the suspended lawyer, O'Buckley.  But Village residents deserve better than they have been getting from the Village Board.  Village residents deserve integrity in their leaders.  Silas must go.

On November 2nd, send a message to the dishonest, self dealing politicians and vote for only one candidate for Johnson City Village Board.

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