Thursday, October 28, 2010

Shady Lawyer Gives Shady Explanation

"Lawyers spend a great deal of time shovelling smoke." - Oliver Wendell Holmes

Fire Starter first reported on October 1, 2010 regarding the shady backround of Johnson City Trustee candidate Shawn O'Buckley.  Fire Starter learned that O'Buckley's law license in the State of Colorado was suspended because he:

"...recklessly failed to diligently represent or adequately communicate with a number of clients. He also recklessly charged unreasonable fees, failed to communicate the basis his fee, and failed to safeguard client funds."
These were not mere allegations.  Mr. O'Buckley admitted the misconduct and surendered his license to practice law.

The local media has finally begun to notice this shocking information and report on it.  What took so long is really hard to fathom.  All of the relevant information is freely available from official sources on the internet.  One can only imagine the headlines had the misconduct involved a Village employee.

Mr. O'Buckley now tries to say that he did nothing wrong.  This would seem to be contradicted by his admission of guilt to the Colorado Supreme Court.  So, as the saying goes...was he lying then or is he lying now.  As we have pointed out before, either way, this makes him a liar.

However, upon further review, we are convinced that he is at least as qualified for a Village Board seat as Balles and Silas.  All three mishandle other peoples money, make false public statements and  run from their record.  Based upon Balles and Silas' history, O'Buckley appears to be a piker.

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