Monday, October 25, 2010

Further Endicott Corruption

“Corruption is authority plus monopoly minus transparency.”
- Unknown
Fire Starter reported several weeks ago about the corrupt nepotism in the Village of Endicott and the Village of Johnson City.  It appears that the number one priority of both Mayor Bertoni and Mayor Hannon is to take care of family and friends.  And shockingly, the respective Village Boards sit idly by as these two abuse their positions of public trust.

Fire Starter has now learned that the corruption in Endicott goes much deeper.  This past summer, Endicott engaged in milling activity to improve the streets of the Village.  This process involves grinding up paving material, mixing it with new material and repaving.  This process results in some left over paving material which can be used as fill or for parking lots and driveways much in the way one would use gravel or cinder.  The material obviously has use and value.

However, in Endicott, this material has become another goody for Mayor Bertoni to give to his friends gratis.  Fire Starter has been reliably informed that at least several Village businesses were given this material at not charge.  In each case, the material was used as a base for a parking area.  In at least one instance, Village employees were instructed to spread the material for the business owner.  We are continuing to dig and will provide specifics regarding the businesses involved in the near future.

The gifting of Village assets to local business is clearly improper.  There can be no explaining away this conduct.  The use of Village trucks and equipment is also improper.  The use of Village employees by private businesses is probably most disturbing.  These employees were being paid by ALL of the taxpayers but apparently providing services to FOB's (Friends of Bertoni).  One can only speculate as to what Bertoni got in return for these Village assets.

The days of this sort back room corruption have long since past.  Endicott is not Mayor Bertoni's personal cookie jar out of which jobs and services are doled to his friends and family.  It is time for Bertoni to come forward and explain his hand in this theft.  And in all likelihood, it is time for Bertoni to step down.

However, Maybe this is some sort of new program in Endicott.  Therefore, we would encourage anyone needing a new driveway to call Mayor Bertoni and put in your order at 757-2420.

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  1. Excess millings , if not immediately used or stored, need to be disposed of ....usually that costs a municipality for hauling and landfill tipping fees. Finding an immediate and local use in that case is a prudent savings for taxpayers