Monday, November 15, 2010

Gifting Village Assets

“The accomplice to the crime of corruption is frequently our own indifference” - Bess Myerson

Fire Starter reported several weeks ago about Mayor John Bertoni gifting Village assets in the form of excess millings from road work.  Since then, some have suggested that this is "no big deal" since the millings would have to be disposed of if not gifted to FOB's (Friends of Bertoni's). However, this misses the point.  First, if the millings were worhtless or a burden, no one would want them.  Obviously that is not the case.  The excess millings are useful and sought after since several local businesses utilized the Village's property to enhance their own.  Second, it ignores the fact that Village employees utilized Village time and equipment to deliver the material.  In at least one instance, Village employees spread the material for the local business.  From Fire Starter's point of view, this equals conversion of public property and possibly graft.

Fire Starter now has further information regarding the businesses which benefited from the FOB millings plan.  Two businesses that benefited from the FOB plan are Felix Roma Bakery on South Page Avenue and Big Daddy O's on Jennings Street.

Felix Roma Bakery Lot with Village Millings

Big Daddy O's Lot With Village Millings

Extra Millings for Future use at Big Daddy O's

The Bottom line is that local businesses are being gifted Village resources in the form of extra millings and Village employee work.  This is wrong and corrupt.  And it certainly begs the question, what is Bertoni getting in return?

But if you need some material for your driveway, call Mayor Bertoni today (757-2420) and get your name in for next spring.  I am sure Village employees will be right over to take care of the job.

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