Thursday, November 4, 2010

A New Dawn?

“However long the night, the dawn will break.” - African Proverb

Election day results are still "unofficial".  One can only guess how they may change over the next few weeks. 

Endicott had candidates for Village Board who ran unopposed.  Some might view this of an affirmation of Mayor Bertoni and his corrupt practices.  Fire Starter views this more of a statement reflecting the dysfunctional status of the Republican party in Endicott.  The Endicott Republicans are still be reeling in the aftermath of the Colella debacle.  However, in the meantime, the Bertoni debacle is unfolding before our eyes.

In the City of Binghamton, there were no City elections.  Therefore, at least for now, the price of fiscal irresponsibility and "cost of war" clocks remain to be paid in 2011.

In the Village of Johnson City, residents were given very limited choices.  Voters were allowed to choose two trustee candidates.  There was Rick Balles who is always on the winning side of any vote...even when he has to change his vote to accomplish this feat.  There was the uncontrite suspended lawyer who mishandled client funds but thought he was "just the guy" the Village needed.  There was Monica Silas, the Board member who was unable to look beyond her petty grudges to find the greater good for the Village.  And there was the one candidate with integrity and a devotion to the Village, Greg Deemie.

For now, it appears that Village residents made the best of their choices and selected Rick Balles and Greg Deemie.  They rejected the crooked lawyer.  And they may well have rejected the destructive policies and approach of Monica Silas.  It appears they turned to the optimistic and forward thinking Deemie.  Balles was the least of three evils.  His quiet support of Hannon's destructive policies allowed him to "fly under the radar".  Monica may well pay the price for her unerring support of Hannon's chicanery.

If the election night results stand, there will be two solid Board members who are willing to roll up their sleeves and move the Village forward and ensure that the services we pay for are provided.  Novobilski and Deeemie will hold Hannon's feet to the fire and try to stop his petty pursuits and wasteful spending.  And Balles will no longer be able to hide.  He will be the deciding vote.  He alone will determine whether the Village thrives or whithers. 

Fire Starter believes that the Village Board should force a halt to the lawsuits and legal spending.  Concentrate those dollars on economic development.  Make peace with the fire fighters.  Find common ground. Get the police officers up to date on their contract (now five years in arrears).  Eliminate the wasteful spending on part time "shared services" in the police and fire departments.  This means sending over paid and under worked part time Joint Fire Administrator Hrustich and Joint Police Chief Zikuski packing.  And perhaps...just perhaps... Hannon will get the hint and follow them.

And perhaps Endicott and Binghamton will also get the message.

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