Monday, December 20, 2010

Vending Machine Follies

You know he is lying because his lips are moving - Unknown

The Fire Starter reported to you about Hannon's retaliation against Bruce King several weeks ago.  And despite the lead time the Press had, they were unable to uncover the most obvious of lies and distortions offered by Hannon.  This is largely due to its failure to even investigate Hannon's assertions.

Hannon Said: "Zikuski wanted the machines removed because he was concerned about someone going through secure areas to refill them."

But sources within the police department have confirmed that it was Hannon who raised the issue with Zikuski.  Hannon objected to Bruce King in the "secured area".

Hannon asserted: "Essentially I was acting on the request of the police association to have those machines removed."

But again, sources within the police department reveal that the PBA had no problem with King's access to the "secured area".  What they objected to was Hannon's plan to have machines placed in non-secured areas.

Hannon goes on: "Although this has nothing to do with the removal of the machines, I think it's important to note that for the past year-and-a-half or so the taxpayers of Johnson City have been subsidizing Mr. King's business."

If it has nothing to do with the removal of the machines, why mention it?  But on the merits, Bruce King has confirmed that the reimbursement check was sent to the Village in March of 2010.  Perhaps the"crack" clerk treasurer, Tom Johnson, lost it or Hannon "misplaced" it.  Or perhaps it is in the evidence locker with the other unaccounted for "Hannon money".  The reality is, if Hannon is so "proactive", why did this get past him?  It's a wonder the Village has been able to pay its legal bills without the reimbursement from King of $57.04.

And then Hannon's biggest whopper: "I don't retaliate against people for anything."

Well this will certainly come as a surprise to Police Chief Doug Potts, Fire Chief Henry Michalovic, Fire Captain Marty Maney, Fire Marshal Robert Dempsey, the entire police department in the nineties.  And let's not forget the "lowly maintenance man".

Fire Starter can only imagine the sprays of coffee and choking spells in Village breakfast nooks prompted by this final assertion.

So what have we learned today, class?  Well, Hannon is a vindictive liar who will say and do anything to get is enemies.  And the Press is incapable of covering a legitimate scandal and obvious abuse of power.  Where was comment from Zikuski or the PBA?  Why wasn't any of the above researched and printed? The Press appears incapable or unwilling to attempt to verify or debunk any bit of tripe offered by Hannon.  And because of the resulting uniformed public, democracy suffers.

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  1. Thank you Firestarter for your investigation and publication of the truth. Just one correction; I delivered the replacement check to the Village Clerk last night 12/21/2010 just before the regular Board meeting. The original check was sent in March 2010. Bruce King 12/22/2010