Friday, May 7, 2010

"Public Trust" : Further Details Emerge

As Further details become available, the story of misuse of public positions becomes more disturbing. The details begin to paint a picture of Nixonian enemies lists and payback on the public dime.

Fire Starter has received additional information regarding the ethical lapses in the Hannon administration. Some of the players are coming to be known and their exact role better defined.

The individual who attempted to use court records or state database information for a personal smear campaign was Mayor Hannon's Recreation Director, Scott Gallagher. Gallagher, in addition to collecting a 10k plus salary from the Village is the assignment's editor at WBNG-TV. Fire Starter has learned that Mr. Gallagher used his position at WBNG to pass along the information to lowly maintenance man's second employer. Specifically, it appears that he suggested that he was researching the issue as part of his day job at the television station.

In an attempt to convince the other employer of the legitimacy of the information, Mr. Gallagher told the employer he got it from his wife, Rachelle Gallagher, who works in the Village Court. Fire Starter has been advised that the second employer felt harassed by Mr. Gallagher's persistence in pursuing this vendetta.

Finally, Fire Starter has from reliable sources that Mayor Hannon has been aware of this situation since at least December of 2009 yet took no action against his employees. Only as it has begun to become more public has he taken action...AGAINST THE VICTIM!!

Fire Starter is convinced that there has been a serious "breach of the public trust". Scott Gallagher has violated the public trust by using ill gotten personal information for his personal smear campaign. He has violated his position of trust both in his Village job and his job at WBNG. Should a person with so little integrity be working with our children? Or making editorial decisions at a news station?
Rachelle Gallagher has "violated the public trust" by apparently (according to her own husband) utilizing public resources to pursue her personal attacks. Is this a person you want with access to your personal information? Who will her next target be?

And Mayor Hannon. He has been aware of these ethical lapses for over 5 months but has taken no action except to fire the victim of this attack. Is this a man who can be trusted with the power of the Mayors office? Especially when he surrounds himself with fawning supplicants who are willing to do his bidding without regard to personal ethics and the public trust? Who's next on the Mayor's hit list?
Fire Starter is pursuing information pertaining to the motivations of these various miscreants and will report on it in the near future.

With the additional information obtained by the Fire Starter, we become more and more troubled with Mayor Hannon's version of "public trust" and ethics. He appears less and less fit to hold the office of Mayor.

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