Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Hannon Confused By Character

It was with great wonder that Fire Starter read Mayor Hannon's letter to the editor this morning. In it, he criticized Sheriff Harder over his use of drug seizure money.

First, one would think that the Mayor had enough on his plate without weighing in on this issue. Maybe he plans to pursue discipline against Sheriff Harder.

Second, and probably more shocking is that Mayor Hannon believes that he can speak for the people of Broome County. Fire Starter does not believe that he even speaks for the residents of Johnson City in this or any other matter. If anyone has lost the faith and trust of citizens, it is Mayor Hannon.

Perhaps the Mayor is upset that someone else already has the title of Sheriff.

Or perhaps he is confused by the image of someone making a mistake and then admitting it. This is obviously a character trait Mayor Hannon lacks.

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