Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Cost of Shared Services

It was with great ballyhoo that Mayor Hannon announced his intention to enter into an shared services agreement with the City of Binghamton to share a Chief of Police. In support of the concept, the, reiterated his lie of the great savings achieved by the Village in sharing a "Fire Administrator" with the Village of Endicott. As Fire Starter recently pointed out, the village achieved NO SAVINGS in that agreement and actually spent at least 50K more than if they had promoted through the ranks. And only got a part time "Fire Administrator" in the bargain. (See - Found: Wealthy Fire Fighter post below).

Based upon the Mayor's history, Fire Starter is skeptical to say the least. The Mayor has never explained where the Village realized 60k in savings by spending an extra 50k. Fire Starter has explained in detail the raw deal the Mayor negotiated.

Which again brings us to the question of why the mayor is so eager to spend more to get less. Is he counting on "buying" another yes man in Chief Zikuski?
If so, this is an even more dangerous trend since the Mayor has already shown a history of using the police department to go after his enemies. When he met with someone who was unwilling to debase the position of Chief of Police (Potts), he sought to destroy him personally and professionally.

Has Hannon found a new henchman in Zikuski? And at what cost?

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