Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Endicott Follies Continue

"No poet ever interpreted nature as freely as a lawyer interprets the truth." - Jean Giraudoux

Fire Starter read with great astonishment regarding the latest scandal involving someone close to the Village of Endicott Mayor.  Saturday's Press & Sun Bulletin reported that Bertoni appointee and part time Village Justice, Michael Fauci, has numerous judgements filed against him by the State of New York.  These judgements include:
  • Fines and penalties for failing to provide Workman's Compensation coverage to protect his employees
  • Several fines for violations of the Election Law
  • Judgement for unpaid taxes
  • Judgement for failure to pay unemployment taxes.
Fauci, a practicing attorney for many years, claimed that he could not find anyone to talk to to clear up the nearly $100K judgement from Workman's Compensation so he just stopped calling.  As weak as this excuse was, at least he put in a good try.  No explanation was given regarding all of the other judgements and penalties that this officer of the court ignored.

This latest episode of arrogance by public servants is disturbing for several reasons.  Fauci is charged with judging criminal and civil cases that arise in the Village of Endicott.  If he is this dismissive of the law in his personal matters, is he fit to pass judgement on others?  When confronted about these debts, his answer was "I'll get around to it".  Would such an answer be acceptable in Judge Fauci's court?  How can this "hand maiden of the law" have any moral authority going forward?

And what about his patron, King John the Clueless?  Mayor John Bertoni has appointed Fauci to this position several times.  His best answer was these are "lawyer charges rather than judge charges".  Wait...What!?  It is as if it does not matter what Fauci does on his own time and his off bench conduct in no way reflects on his role as a judge.  We suppose it is at least a plus that Fauci doesn't claim to "own the village".  But his dismissive attitude is reflective of the same arrogance displayed by Bertoni.

In classic Bertoni-eaze, he notes "whether that transforms to him being a judge and upholding and enforcing the law, I'll talk to him once I get the official reports"  Huh??  Fire Starter is not even sure what this sentence means.  Fauci has broken and flouted the law.  What else does King John the Unintelligible need to know?

And then there is the money quote: "If this raises a red flag, we will deal with it".  Mayor Bertoni--meet red flag.  Over $100k in judgements and fines from the State of New York and the answer is "I'll get around to it".

But King John the Witless never sees the red flags.  Whether it is the reckless and incompetent Joint Fire Administrator Hrustich, the incompetent airport manager or his many other friends and family, Bertoni chooses not to see the red flags.

But it appears that residents are beginning to see red flags everywhere.  And Bertoni  the color guard.

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