Tuesday, July 26, 2011

JC Police Short Staffed

"The backbone of our nation's domestic defense against terrorist attacks will continue to be the men and women in local law enforcement and emergency services."- Saxby Chambliss

Mayor Dennis Hannon has begun another investigation.  This time it is the police department.  Is it about a murder?  Illicit drug use?  Graft or Corruption?  No.  This time it is about police officers speaking to the public and telling the truth.  And since the truth often reflects poorly on Hannon and his destructive policies, you can be sure there will be a thorough investigation.

Fire Starter has written before about Hannon's dangerous cuts to public safety.  Since Hannon took office, the numbers of police officers and fire fighters has dwindled.  Whether through frivolous threats of firing or voluntary/involuntary retirements, Hannon has reduced both the police and fire departments to the point of ineffectiveness.  And those of us who have been watching this closely know that this has been his goal all along.

Well several weeks ago, Hannon's chickens came home to roost.  (Fortunately, this time, no one needed to die as a result of a mayor's recklessness.)  Because of vacations and other time off, the Village only had two officers on the road.  Not surprisingly, the need for these officers maintained at its usual level.  In such situations, calls are prioritized for the officers with the most urgent addressed first.  As a result, Village residents with less urgent business were left to wait between and 1 1/2 to 2 hours to receive the service they are paying for.

When officers arrived at the calls, they were frequently greeted by unhappy residents who questioned why it took so long to respond.  The officers explained that there were only two officers on duty and the calls were prioritized.  Apparently, residents dissatisfied with this explanation, flooded the Mayor and Village Board members with complaints.  One angry resident reportedly called Trustee Ron Davis and expressed his outrage.  Outgoing Trustee Davis effectively told him "too bad". (It is amazing how these public servants lose interest when they are not running again). 

However, Davis did go to Village Hall and demand immediate action on the issue.  He insisted that the officer who advised the resident of the limited staff be punished immediately!

Fortunately, Mayor Hannon is taking a much more proactive approach.  He has ordered an investigation of the officers involved and who would be surprised if punishment soon follows.  And he also has directed his toady chief, Zikuski, to order officers not to tell residents about staffing.  Apparently, if asked about delays, officers are now ordered to stare blankly and change the subject.  Problem solved!!

Leadership is not bullying subordinates and squelching free speech.  Leadership is taking the tough stands and then taking responsibility for the consequences.  Hannon was quick to take bows when announcing limited increases to tax rates.  But when the consequences are inadequate services, he is looking for someone to blame.  This is not leadership.  This is cowardice.

Although Hannon is not up for re-election, one of his toadies is.  Long time dissolutionist and Hannon sycophant, John Sullivan is on the ballot.  The only way residents can take back our Village is by winning a majority on the Village Board.  A vote for Sullivan is a vote for Hannon and dissolution.  Yes men like Sullivan must be defeated

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