Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Silas Runs Again

"History is a tool used by politicians to justify their intentions." - Ted Koppel

Many of you have may have noticed that former Johnson City Trustee Monica Silas has again resurfaced.  It seems like just yesterday that she was turned out of Village government by Trustee Greg Deemie.  She is again back running for the remainder of the term left vacant with the passing of County Legislator Bob Locker.  Rather than take her defeat to heart, she has decided that the village stage was too small and she must take her talents to the next level.

But what exactly are those talents?  During her time as a trustee, village services declined while taxes rose.  Cronyism  in village appointments all but exploded.  "Relations" with Village employees (perhaps with the exception of one) deteriorated.  The Village's budget for Lawyers increased five fold with little or nothing to show for it.  Economic development in the Village came to a standstill.  While Dennis Hannon systematically dismantled the village government, Monica Silas was there to cheer him on and support him. While Hannon wasted taxpayer dollars on Binghamton Lawyers, Silas cheered.  While Hannon pursued petty and vindictive plots against his foes, Silas applauded.  What in her record as a trustee would make anyone think she deserves to "step up to the next level"?

You may recall that during her last campaign, no holds were barred.  She even spread falsehoods about her opponent, Greg Deemie which we detailed and refuted here.  But the voters were onto her and her allies and she was soundly defeated by Greg Deemie.  When it was finally time to go, instead of being gracious, she spewed venom at all her perceived enemies and blamed the ignorant voters for her defeat.  Truly a class act.  This was detailed in a December 2010 post here

So what exactly does Silas bring to the table?  A small minded, petty and vindictive style that serves neither the village nor the county.  If we need someone to tear the county apart, she would be the favorite.  But in these difficult economic times, we need innovative thinkers with a far reaching vision.  Silas has shown nothing to commend these traits to her.

We know nothing about her opponent, Mike Sopchak.  But suffice it to say, he certainly could not be any worse than Silas.

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