Monday, June 21, 2010

Back To The Future - Hannon Loses Again

“Stubborn and ardent clinging to one's opinion is the best proof of stupidity” - Michel de Montaigne

The local Binghamton media is reporting that Mayor Hannon has lost yet another round in his ill fated fight against the Village Fire Department

In April, the Appellate Division held that the no layoff clause agreed to by both the Village and the Union was enforceable and that the Village submit to an impartial hearing officer. The Village Fire Fighters have a clause which prohibits the village from laying off any fire fighters. Despite this provision, Mayor Hannon illegally laid off 6 fire fighters and spent hundreds of thousands of dollars pursuing fruitless appeals.

What this most recent decision means is that Mayor Hannon and his amen choir of Balles, Silas and Davis are rapidly approaching the end of the line. They were able to delay ultimate action beyond Dennis Hannon's election but may not be able to save Balles and Silas. It appears ever more likely that prior to November's election, Silas and Balles will be forced to explain to taxpayers why they refused repeated concessions and opted for expensive and fruitless litigation. As detailed recently ( ), Trustees Silas and Balles have wasted over 1 million dollars in just the past year. Their stubborn arrogance has cost the taxpayers dearly. With ever mounting leagal bills and unbudgeted retroactive pay on the horizon, it will be time for Balles and Silas to be called to account. And the voters will be a tough and unforgiving judge.

And Dennis Hannon will predictably downplay this victory. He is either in denial or believes Village residents can not count. Either way, Hannon Must Go.

Hannon's arrogance reminds Fire Starter of a certain Monty Python character..."Just a flesh wound"

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