Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hannon Must Go

"All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing" - Edmund Burke

In our last two posts, we pointed out the gutless approach to governance that has become common in the Village of Johnson. First it was Rick Balles; the only Board Member to have voted for and against the Johnson City Firefighters contract. The issue was so demagogued by Hannon that it nearly caused dissolution of the Village. By that time “Honest Rick” claimed to have always been against the agreement. And he believes that his duplicitous voting record entitlement to another term.

We next talked about Monica Silas and her campaign to destroy the fire department. So adamant in her position, she wasted over $1,000,000 in taxpayer money just in the last year. And she wants another term to continue her short sighted assault on the fire department.

And so we come to Dennis Hannon. Just one year as Mayor and not even a full year into his first elected term. What does he have to show for it?

• Quarter million dollar legal bills without a victory in sight

• Federal and State lawsuits that can not be won

• Police out of contract for over 5 years without any plan to fund retroactive pay increases

• Laid off firefighters who will also be owed retroactive pay in the hundreds of thousands of dollars without any plan to fund this liability

• Frivolous use of Civil Service discipline to attack enemies and intimidate opponents

• Cover-ups of legitimate misconduct by his friends and allies

• Use of a few police department personnel as his own personal secret police

• Cronies paid-off with jobs at taxpayer expense in return for favorable television coverage

• Over paid and under worked Joint Chief of Police and Joint Fire Administrator

• Tax increases when proper management could have maintained the ranks of the fire and police departments and cut taxes.

All of this in just one year. Imagine what the next 3 ½ will bring!

Fire Starter would rather not imagine this bleak future. Fire Starter believes that 3 ½ more years of this corrupt mismanagement will lead to dissolution as surely as night follows day. It does not need to end this way.

It is time for good people to rise up and oppose Hannon, Balles and Silas. It is time for good people to oppose the self serving demagogues. It is time for good people to stand up for what is right.

And it is time for Dennis Hannon to step down.

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