Friday, June 18, 2010

Cindy...We hardly Know You

"Actions lie louder than words." - Carolyn Wells

Cindy Novobilski was elected last November with the belief that she would be a voice for the voiceless; a force against the oppressive and punitive policies of Mayor Hannon. In the ensuing months, she has shown herself to be a typical politician.

Prior to her election, Cindy was a voice against the shortsighted cuts and runaway litigation. She campaigned as someone who would reign in Dennis Hannon. She promised to speak truth to power. However, at Work Sessions and Board Meetings, she is hardly heard to speak. The only time her voice is heard is when she passively assents to Mayor Hannon's every wish.

Fire Starter read with incredulity in The Press & Sun Bulletin that she was supportive of the "Bunker Program" which would have Broome Community College students living in the firehouse in return for volunteer fire service. This proposal is so idiotic as to only make sense to the Village of Johnson City!

First, under New York State law, the "bunkers" would be required to undertake the same training as the Professional Fire Fighters which amounts to over 200 hours of training before they are allowed to fight fires. Since BCC is a two year college, most of the Bunkers would be done with their associate degrees before they even completed their training! As a result, Johnson City will foot the bill for training for other communities.

Second, since BCC is a community college, most of the students are local and they are not in need of the housing offered as part of the program.

Third, the bunkers would still need to be equipped and insured like a professional fire fighters. All of this expense for a short term fix.

Finally, and probably most damaging, Fire Starter has learned that BCC has advised the Village that it has no interest in starting a Bunker's program. This simple fact has apparently not influenced Cindy's interest in pursuing this ill conceived plan.

Fire Starter questions whether Cindy Novobilski would be so enthusiastic about this plan if her retired fire lieutenant husband's life was dependant upon it.

Meanwhile, Joint Fire Administrator Hrustich continues to advocate this program knowing full well that the costs are significant and that there is no interest at BCC. Fire Starter believes that if Chief Hrustich wants to be President and fire chief of a volunteer fire department, he should run for the post in his Tioga County community.

We live in a village specifically for the Police and Fire services it offers. When village leaders fail to provide these basic services, they fail our community. When leaders fail to critically analyze the simplistic solutions offered by its Joint Fire Administrator, they fail our community. When leaders are more interested getting along with each other than protecting the community and its employees, they fail our community.

Fire Starter has been disappointed to discover that Cindy Novobilski is no better than her fellow board members.

And because of her broken promises, perhaps she is worse.

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