Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Complaint Filed Against Hrustich

Arrogance diminishes wisdom” - Arabian Proverb

A number of  months ago, the Fire Starter reported regarding the no confidence votes taken by Johnson City and Endicott fire fighters.  Unlike the local media, we went into great detail regarding the specifics of the charges.  We reported on the Johnson City no confidence vote here and the Endicott no confidence vote here.  In both instances, fire fighters raised grave concerns regarding the Joint Fire Administrator.  Issues regarding safety and competency were detailed for the respective Village Boards.  To date, neither Board has taken action.  At the very least an investigation should have occurred.  The OSHA violations alone should have been cause for concern on the part of elected officials.

More recently we reported regarding the Joint Fire Administrator placing members of the public, fellow fire fighters and his own children in danger.  Joint Fire Administrator Hrustich raced to the scene of a river rescue originating in the City of Binghamton while his children were in the back seat of his taxpayer provided vehicle.  With full lights and sirens and at a high rate of speed, Hrustich sped to the riverbank while his children sat in the back seat of the fire command vehicle.  Along the way, Hrustich nearly collided with a responding rig from the Endwell fire Department.

The JFA apparently is so devoid of judgement and common sense that he thought it was "cute" that his children accompanied him to this emergency scene.  He even took pictures of his children in the command vehicle at the scene! (Fire Starter has seen the pictures but is withholding their publication to protect the children).   Fire Starter is unsure which represents the greater lapse in judgement.  Responding to the fire scene with children may have been a momentary yet dangerous lapse in judgement.  But upon arriving at the scene, it apparently still seemed perfectly fine such that he memorialized the event with photos taken with his village paid cell phone.

Fire Starter has learned that a formal complaint against Hrustich has been filed by the Endicott Fire Fighters.  The Fire Fighters Association has detailed this most recent reckless (arrogant?) behavior and asked for a formal investigation by an outside party.  The Association specifically charges Hrustich with poor judgement, poor leadership and overall recklessness and asks that this most recent incident be examined along with the prior no confidence charges.

Fire Starter agrees with the Association.  It is imperative to the safety of Village residents and fire fighters that these serious charges be investigated.  The village has given life and death responsibility to Hrustich.  If he is incapable of exercising reasonable judgement to ensure the safety of his own children, it it not unreasonable to assume that this recklessness will place others in danger.

The time to act is now.  An outside investigation is fully warranted based upon the evidence of Hrustich's dereliction of duty.  Now the question is whether the respective boards will be derelict in their duties.

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