Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sullivan to Run

A man is called selfish not for pursuing his own good, but for neglecting his neighbor's. - Richard Whately

Fire Starter has just learned that long time dissolutionist and purveyor of false information, John Sullivan, will be running for Johnson City Village Board.  Fire Starter has highlighted some of the low-lights of this self serving hypocrite here and here.  Fire Starter believes that Sullivan represents everything wrong with many who seek public office.  For Sullivan and his ilk, it is not about public service but about getting what he believes is his.

He now apparently believes that the public will forget his talk of seceding from the Village.  He must believe the public will forget his lies regarding the the pay and benefits of Village employees and the savings from dissolution.  He must believe the public will forget that while he rails against public employees, he happily laps at the public trough.

One might easily believe that Sullivan is a well intentioned but misguided or misinformed resident.  Unfortunately, the facts point to a different conclusion.  When Sullivan sought dissolution of the Village, it was not out of some high minded  concern for taxes or services.  Mr. Sullivan sought the dissolution out of greed.  Sullivan was frustrated with his inability to launch a development project off of Reynolds Road.  Having been blocked by the planning board, Sullivan believed the only way to push the project forward was to eliminate the Village and take his chances with a more sympathetic Town of Union planning board.  This sort of self interested motivation is exactly what is wrong in local government.  Far too many of our local politicians have feathered their own nests and the nests of friends and allies on the public's dime.

Bertoni has secured full employment for his family and friends.  Hannon has done likewise while using his power and public funds to attack and destroy his enemies.  Both have advocated the reckless spending of hundreds of thousands of dollars on lawyers to pursue their petty plans.  And where has Sullivan been with regards to Hannon's reckless and wasteful spending?  Right there on the sidelines cheering.

One could assume that Sullivan merely believes all of Hannon's actions were proper and legitimate.  But based upon Sullivans prior actions and motivations, it is clear that he sees another way to dissolution.  A vote for Sullivan will be a vote to continue the financial ruin of the Village.  Whether it is mismanagement of the sewage treatment plant or reckless spending on lawyers and fire hydrants, Sullivan will be a rubber stamp on all of Hannon's vindictive schemes.

And why not?   Dissolution failed almost two years ago.  The next best thing would be to cause the financial collapse of the Village.  Hannon has gotten a pretty good start.  Now all he needs is another ally like Sullivan to finish the job.

Sullivan now runs for Village Board to do what he was unable to to do through the dissolution vote.  But in the end, for John Sullivan, it is not about good government.  It is just about John Sullivan.

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