Monday, February 28, 2011

Sullivan At It Again

“The true hypocrite is the one who ceases to perceive his deception, the one who lies with sincerity” -Andre Gide

We have previously written regarding the lies peddled by the lead dissolutionist, John Sullivan.  The vote against dissolution in November of 2009 did nothing to quiet Mr. Sullivan.  He continues to spread his lies and half truths.

We subsequently pointed out that Mr. apparently lives in a glass house when it comes to public wages and benefits.  Mr. Sullivan rants against public employees pay and benefits while his wife works for the Endicott School district and receives even more generous pay and benefits than he criticizes.  We went on to point out that:
"And you would never know that perhaps his interest in "secession" of a portion of JC could be at least in part fueled not by his sense of civic duty but rather his frustrated attempts to launch a development project."

Well, this latest bit of self interested hypocrisy has again come to the surface.  Previously, Mr. Sullivan attempted to develop some property above the Indian Ridge apartments.  The project was blocked by the Planning Board based upon Sullivan's inability to secure a performance bond.  Sullivan then sought dissolution with the belief that if the Village was dissolved, he would get approval from the Town of Union.  Dissolution failed and Sullivan's project was shelved.

Flash forward  1 1/2 years and we see a partnership attempting to develop this same property.  A group has proposed middle income senior housing and is seeking approval by the Broome County Industrial Development agency.  Only this time, Sullivan is not a part of the project.  And surprise...he is a vocal opponent of the project.

Sullivan has repeatedly accused public employees of greed.  However, if you track Mr. Sullivan's actions, they are driven by nothing but self interest and greed.  Public pay and benefits are fine for him but no one else.  Development is good for him but no one else.  Dissolution is the only solution...when your pet project is stalled.

It is time to unmask these duplicitous hypocrites and show them for the greedy cowards they as to better understand their hidden motives and agendas.

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