Thursday, February 3, 2011

What Does Hannon Do?

“One of the surprising things in this world is the respect a worthless man has for himself” - Edgar Watson Howe

Fire Starter has focused on the numerous cuts to public safety that have been implemented since Mayor Hannon has been involved in Village of Johnson City government.  We have noted the layoffs and the abuses of discipline which have severely thinned the ranks of the Johnson City police department and fire departments.  In place of these dedicated career civil servants, Hannon has made deals where the Village has agreed to underwrite the costs of neighboring communities.  This was certainly true in the case of Joint Fire Administrator Hrustich and Police Chief Zikuski.  In feathering these two individuals' nests with taxpayer dollars, Hannon has purchased loyalty to to himself at the expense of public safety.  He has continued to underwrite Binghamton's police detectives through a "sharing arrangement" in which Binghamton "shares" JC detectives and Johnson City gets to "share" the cost.

We have pointed out that while Hannon has engaged in his backroom conniving, economic development in the village has become non-existent.  He is running up large tabs to pursue his petty schemes while doing nothing to improve revenue stream or the quality of life.  Most recently we pointed out that he seems to want to give away revenue received for fire protection to execute his destruction of the fire department.  Some would say that it is part of a bigger plan that we "mere mortals" can not appreciate.

What this "mere mortal" does appreciate is the fact that Hannon has abdicated his responsibilities as Mayor.  The first and most important responsibility of the Mayor is to provide for the public safety.  Instead, he is dismantling once great institutions. 

In the meantime, Hannon has shown himself incapable of even getting the streets of Johnson City cleared this week.  The Fire Starter took a drive through the Village on Tuesday around midday.  We were shocked to find that little had been accomplished in terms of snow removal.  Major arteries such as Harry L Drive and Reynolds Road had been untouched almost twelve hours into the storm.  Many cars were observed turning around rather than attempting to ascend Reynolds Road.

If Hannon will not provide for proper police and fire protection and can not even clear the roads, what is his purpose?  Is his only reason to be Mayor to get press coverage and persecute enemies?  It certainly is not public safety and it is not economic development. 

We deserve so much better than this petty autocrat.

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