Thursday, February 10, 2011

Fire District on Hold?

“Their insatiable lust for power is only equaled by their incurable impotence in exercising it.” -Winston Churchill

The Fire Starter recently reported on Hannon's and Bertoni's hairbrained scheme to eliminate Village fire fighters and create a fire district encompassing both Villages.  This proposed district would be composed of fully volunteer or a combination paid and volunteer fire fighters.  We pointed out that fire districts must be contiguous areas so that proper protection can be provided to all citizens within the district.  Since Endicott and Johnson City are not contiguous, Hannon had proposed including a strip of land through Endwell and along the river to connect the two villages. We pointed out that in addition to being contrary to the spirit of the state mandate, it placed residents at risk since even with this strip of land physically connecting the two villages, the villages would not be connected in any true sense.

Well apparently, for now, public safety has won.  The Fire Starter has learned that Endwell Volunteer Fire Department and its commissioners have rejected this absurd plan. Endwell Volunteer Fire Fighters were deeply concerned about  Hannon's scheme as it left large portions of the river and State Route 17 in no-man's land between the two villages.  In other words, if there was a serious accident or need for a river rescue between the villages, how long would it take to respond?  Hannon's scheme, although plausibly dealing with technical legal impediments places public safety at risk.  But of course, public safety has never been high among Hannon's priorities.

Small minded and petty vindictiveness has been the touchstone of Hannon's reign.  If this scheme fails, how will Hannon get himself back on the front page of the paper?  How long will it be before Hannon trumps up charges on Marty Maney or on of the other union leaders?  Or maybe just go after another "lowly maintenance" man.  It appears that muscle flexing and bravado is the chosen smoke screen to cover for Hannon's impotence.

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