Thursday, July 29, 2010

Davis' Muddy Thinking

"Better to keep your mouth closed and be thought a fool than to open it and remove all doubt" - Unknown

Fire Starter has previously discussed the many shortcomings of Village of Johnson City Mayor and Trustees.

There is the vindictive, self serving Mayor Hannon. No slight, whether real or perceived goes un-redressed. The “Sheriff” repeatedly seems to be overcompensating for some shortcoming known only to his honor.

There is Trustee Rick Balles. He is always on the winning side of every vote regardless of what is in the best interest of the Village. His number one instinct is self preservation. Regardless of his shifting positions, he always has the moral certainty of the simple minded.

There is board member Monica Silas. She repeatedly tows the company line no matter how ill informed or vacuous her statements are. We have yet to catch Mayor Hannon’s lips moving while it appears that Silas is speaking.

There is Trustee Cindy Novobilski. She campaigned as one who would take on the excesses of Mayor Hannon’s “reign”. Once elected, she developed severe laryngitis except when voting in support of Mayor Hannon’s latest folly.

Which brings us to Trustee Ron Davis. The retired former supermarket manager remains an enigma. He says little at work sessions and Board meetings. Outside of Board meetings, he seems to understand the destructive nature of Mayor Hannon’s policies. When one of these policies arises at a public meeting, he is nowhere to be found. He seems to have a moral compass but regularly leaves it at home when attending Board meetings.

There are several explanations for this odd behavior. Trustee Davis may just be another two-faced politician in the mode of Rick Balles. But Fire Starter has seen little evidence that Davis is insincere in his criticism of Hannon. Perhaps he is afraid of Mayor Hannon. Hannon has repeatedly shown that in his mind, intimidation is the “coin of the realm”. However, it is hard to believe that the former Manager would be easily bullied by Hannon. Perhaps he simply lacks the fortitude to stand alone for what he knows is right. It is not always easy to be the lone voice of reason.

It is time for Davis to speak up or be thought the fool.

 It has been suggested that silence is often a sign of contemplativeness. “Still waters run deep”. Time will tell whether in Trustee Davis’ case, the water is merely a small, muddy puddle.

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