Monday, July 26, 2010

Reckless Allegations

“It seems to me to be a reckless and foolish act that is going to be very costly.” -Andres Perez

The "New Sheriff" was making headlines over the last two weeks touting his "internal investigation" of Johnson City Police Department evidence procedures.  What has been icreasingly clear is that there was no issue to investigate other than Hannon's own handling of drug seizure money.  As detailed here recently, the only unaccounted for funds were funds seized while Hannon was police chief and the funds were kept by Hannon in his office safe.

Hannon has become almost comical in his blatant demagoguing of the issue.  However, Hannon's clownish machinations have much more serious implications. Fire Starter has learned that due to Hannons absurd allegations, a local murder prosecution may be compromised. 

In June of 2009, a 46 year old women, Kelly Westcott was murdered in the Village of Johnson City.  Her 49 year old boyfriend, William Kenyon has been charged with Second degree murder.  By all accounts, the murder was thoroughly and expertly investigated by the Johnson City Police Department.

Fire Starter has been reliably informed that for much of last week, current and former Johnson City Police officers have been called to testify regarding evidence collection and retention procedures at the department.  This has apparently occurred in response to Hannon's false charges of irregularities in the department.

Fire Starter has no idea what Hannon's game is.  Whether political or personal, his unfounded allegations have had a negative impact on the department and the prosecution of Kelly Westcott's alleged murderer.

We have no information regarding the merits of the case against William Kenyon.  However, if he is guilty, Hannon's irresponsible charges will make it that much harder to bring him to justice.

Westcott left behind two daughters and two grandchildren.   Fire Starter sure hopes Hannon has an explanation for them.

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