Tuesday, July 20, 2010

UPDATED 7/20/10: Sound And Fury Signifying Nothing

"My Definition of a redundancy is an air-bag in a politician's car" - Larry Hagman

With great fanfare, Johnson City Mayor and "Sheriff", Dennis Hannon announced his next great investigation. He apparently found confiscated cash in the evidence locker at the Village Police Department. This would seem to be about as earth shattering as finding donuts at a bakery. Yet it was a grand announcement of an "internal investigation".

Fire Starter has learned that contrary to Hannon’s representations, the investigation was initiated not by a “high ranking police official” but by Hannon himself. Additionally, a complete audit has already been conducted which acknowledged and explained the source and amounts of the confiscated cash. In fact, there is no discrepancy between log-in figures and the amount on hand. Additionally, Fire Starter has been reliably informed that District Attorney Gerald Mollen learned of Hannon’s “investigation” through the news media.

Fire Starter has learned that due to red tape associated with using seized assets, it is commonplace for police departments to stockpile seized assets for a significant period of time before going through the process of using it for department purposes. In fact, a close examination of records will likely reveal that this was done on Hannon’s watch as Police Chief and some of this money may date back to his prior “reign” as the “real sheriff” of Johnson City.

Fire Starter will follow this closely for any further developments. However, we expect that this will be yet another empty charge. Question: what kind of “criminal” investigation begins with turning all information over to the press? Answer: one that is not about the law but about politics.

Why is it that there has been no follow up by Mayor Hannon regarding his Recreation Director, Scott Gallagher and his wife, Village Court Clerk Rachelle Gallagher? The Gallagher situation is detailed here:
These two abused their positions of public trust to pursue their personal grievances against the "lowly maintenance man". Does that clear violation of law and the public trust hit a little too close to home? Hannon knows all too well- when throwing bombs, one must always be sure to be clear of the shrapnel.

This new "investigation" appears to be another case of headline grabbing by the blowhard “new sheriff”. It also appears to be yet another case of baseless character assassination. The public has grown weary of this meaningless grandstanding. If Hannon would spend half as much time on economic development as he does pursuing headlines, Johnson City would be far better for it. Unfortunately, it has never been about the Village or its future. It’s all about Dennis Hannon.

This is just further evidence that HANNON MUST GO.

UPDATE 7/20/2010: Fire Starter has learned that Hannon's dishonesty on the seized fund was even greater than previously thought. Fire Starter has discovered that in the spring of 2009, in order to avoid layoffs in the police department, the Village Board (of which Hannon was a member) ordered Chief Potts to deliver to Village Hall $60,000 from the seized assets. This amount was deposited in the general fund and used to prevent lay offs in the police department

Fire Starter is a great believer in law enforcement and believes that the village needs to do whatever it can to protect its citizens and police pofficers. What Fire Starter objects to is the subsequent lies and demagoguery now being spewed from Village Hall. It reinforces our belief that Hannon lacks the character to continue as Mayor. HANNON MUST GO.

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